A SQUARE LPO – Patent Specification

At L&M International, we are having team of professionals in related fields of Sciences and engineering. Our team of patent is capable of advising well enough to provide legal meaning to the scope of the inventions (Claims) and domain expert people as our associates. These technical experts have been drafting patent specifications in various industries (for detail see industry specification) and other areas.

We are having LPO department who contract local patent attorney worldwide to prepare final draft of patent specification. The modus operandi at L&M International is to assign one or more IP professionals who work in close coordination with the client/inventor(s) to appropriately draft the complete specifications and claims and prepare all drawings. Alternatively Clients’ local patent attorney draft the claims whereas we at L&M International, draft the background, provide the supporting specifications, draft the summary and abstract, and prepare the figures. Again, the “final” draft of the patent application is reviewed, modified and filed by an appropriate Client’s local patent attorney or agent.

Patent Drafting Service includes Patent Specification/Claim (Provisional as well as Complete Specifications), Patent Illustrations, Patent Translations.

L&M International has experts of following list of fields

  • Chemistry – Physical, Inorganic, Analytical, Organic, cosmetics, Material Science, Catalyst, Nano-Technology, Drugs & Pharmaceutical, Polymer science, Agro Chemical
  • Biology/Biotechnology – Biotechnological Inventions, Formulations (Ayurvedic, Homeopathic etc.), Plant Variety, Bio-Informatics, Molecular Biology, Bio medical, Bio engineering, Sequences
  • Electrical – HV Transmission, Power Controllers, Prime Movers, Switchgears, Control System
  • Electronics – Telecommunications, Optical electronics, Wireless communication, Microprocessor, VLSI / Microelectronics, Analog and Digital electronics
  • Computers – Networking, Client –Server Technology, Data Structure, System and Application Programming, protocols
  • Mechanical – Machines and Machine elements, Mechanics, Manufacturing processes, Refrigeration and air conditioning, engineering materials

Apart from above we are also involved in the following activities of patent

  • Proof reading
  • Utility and design applications
  • On-going competitor patent review
  • Correspondence etc.