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In the year 2003 various changes have been introduced in the Trade Marks Law and the scope of the definition of the “mark” expended to include shape of goods, packaging or combination of colour or any combination thereof. According to amended provisions of the Trade Mark Act any distinctive shapes, colour combination packaging can be registered as trade mark.

A new concept of well known “trade mark” has been introduced in the Trade Marks Act and the same has been provided an additional and significance protection over the other trade marks.

Further the service marks have also been given recognition and they have been also brought in the fold of registrable trade mark and in fact they are treated at par with the trade mark. Service marks are those marks used in any form of service business were actual goods under that marks are not traded. Service marks identify the source of service provided by company/firm/individual.

Benefits of Registration

Although registration of a trade mark is not mandatory however, registration provide an additional protection and further enables the proprietor of a registered trade mark to enforce its legal rights relating to the registered trade mark against its unlawful use of the identical with or deceptively similar trade mark in respect of same/similar/allied/cognate goods or services or any other dissimilar goods or services provided the registered trade mark has a reputation and it has been registered owing to its distinctiveness and secondary significance.

L&M Service Offering

We represent white spectrum of industries and business houses and support our clients to select the most appropriate and strongest trade marks, trade names and service marks. We also help companies develop a coherent branding strategy through drafting of trade mark usage guidelines. The trade marks, trade names and domain names are intertwined and the L&M have expertise in analysis domain name worldwide and have also experience in dealing with the ever changing rules and regulations surrounding this field. We provide following services in respect of trade marks:

Trademark Filing, Prosecution and Protection

  • Filing applications for registration of trade marks, prosecuting applications and obtaining registrations
  • Maintaining trade marks by sending renewal reminders, automatic renewing and reinstatement of trade marks not renewed in time
  • Filing and opposing oppositions and rectification against advertised applications and registered trade marks
  • Investigating infringement and filing action against infringement and passing-off
  • A search report can be given of all registered and advertised trade marks including proprietor name search

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