IPR Services – Patent

A Patent is an Intellectual Property Right relating to inventions. Its grants (owning the right) refers to an exclusive rights, for a limited period, for making, selling, importing the patented products or process producing that products for aforesaid purposes. The system of patent ensures protection and enforcement of legal rights pertaining to the inventions for which the patent has been granted. Rights relating to patent are extremely valuable to an individual or any legal entity.


An invention, as defined in the patent legislation in India, is some thing which is new, either process or product involving invention steps and capable of industrial use. Accordingly, an invention either may be new or novel and has never been published or known to any person skilled in the art.

L&M Services for Patent can be classified as follows


  • L&M Industry experts would help to determine whether an invention is Patentable or not
  • With expert database and global expertise, L&M experts would help to determine whether a similar Patent already exists or not

Filling, Obtaining & Protecting Patent:

  • Drafting the specification for National and International patent applications as per provisions of law in force
  • Filing Domestic and National stage application as per PCT norms in the Territorial Patent Office and prosecution and follow up of applications until grant
  • Maintaining patents for its complete term of 20 years and renewal thereof
  • Filing opposition of patent applications and revocation of granted patents
  • Investigating infringements and filing action for infringement of patents
  • Conducting searches for both name and subject matter

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